Tineke Rietveld


Tineke offers kinesiology at Conscious Life

Tineke offers kinesiology at Conscious Life

Welcome to Healthy Touch Kinesiology

Thank you kindly for taking the time to understand my practice.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes.”  Marcel Proust

As a trained Professional Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist I am passionate about improving your Health and Wellbeing through Kinesiology practices and Energy Balancing Relaxation Massages.

Kinesiology is the science of Energy Balancing. In a consultation, precise muscle monitoring techniques are applied to identify and correct energy blockages within the body.  Correction techniques include, for example, the stimulation of acupressure points, the strengthening of weak muscles, the discussion of emotional challenges and the analysis of diet.

Kinesiology and Energy Balancing Relaxation Massage techniques are used to relieve joint and muscle pain, back pain, confusion, digestive disorders, fatigue and tiredness, learning difficulties, minor injuries, sensitivities and stress as well as for promoting personal development and general wellbeing.

“A fundamental premise of Kinesiology is that the body has innate healing energy and is always doing its best to care for itself, but sometimes needs to be helped into a better position to achieve this care.”

Thank you for reading. This action from yourself has arisen from stillness and can be regarded as “the first step of the journey of a thousand miles”, Lao Tzu, towards a more balanced unity of mind, body and spirit..

Contact Tineke

Website: www.healthytouchkinesiology.com.au

Phone: 0412 446 772

Services and Fees


  • Initial Kinesiology Consultation (90 min) $120
  • Follow-up Kinesiology Consultation (75 min) $95
  • Maintenance Kinesiology balance (60 min) $85
  • Top-up Energy Boost (45min) $70


  • Energy Balancing Relaxation Massage (75 min) $95
  • Energy Balancing Relaxation Massage (60 min) $85
  • Energy Balancing Relaxation Massage (45 min) $70


  • Energy Balancing Relaxation Chair Massage (60 min) $95
  • (Recommended massage time per staff member is 15-20 minutes)


  • Touch for Health level 1-4, per level (16hrs) $395
  • Touch for Health for parents and carers (3hrs) $75

Dietary analysis

  • Full analysis including personalised feedback $120

Pensioners and children receive 25% discount on all Kinesiology and Massage Services.