Miriam Houseman


Miriam Houseman offers Naturopathy at Conscious Life

Miriam Houseman offers Naturopathy at Conscious Life

Miriam has been involved in the field of natural healing for 20 years and has been practising as a herbalist / naturopath since 2003. She also has an honours degree in Psychology from UNSW.  She has a special interest in chronic health problems such as CFS, arthritis, autoimmune illnesses and other persistent conditions.

Miriam uses nutrition, herbs, and supplements to develop a personalised health plan for you.  She uses food and herbs as medicines, and has an extensive knowledge of how raw foods, greens and juices can improve your health.

Miriam will work with you to improve your health by helping you:

  • Develop a healthy diet
  • Deal with stress
  • Improve your lifestyle which may prevent common health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol 
  • Work out a diet tailored to your condition or illness
  • Choose food, herbs and supplements to improve your health 

If you always feel fatigued, exhausted, lack energy and have frequent infections, or if you suffer from an chronic condition and have been told there is nothing further you can do, natural therapies can often improve your health and help you achieve a higher level of wellbeing. Natural therapies can also complement your medical treatment. Health fund rebates available

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To book your naturopathic consultation with Miriam, please call 0412 126647