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Living Harmony

Charlotte Wirnsberger offers many wellbeing oriented therapies at Conscious Life

Charlotte Wirnsberger offers many wellbeing oriented therapies at Conscious Life

Charlotte Wirnsberger was born and raised in Austria. Her sense of adventure and personal development saw her travelling the world at an early age. Sydney become her home in 1980.

Charlotte worked as a professional chef for twenty years. In 1991 she began her career in Natural Therapies studying Shiatsu, Kinesiology, Macrobiotics, Nutrition and Meditation.

Charlotte has a senior Diploma in Shiatsu, is a registered Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner, whole foods cooking teacher, facilitates detox and healing retreats,  and teaches food is medicine courses.

Charlotte is a member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia, Australian Kinesiology Association and Science of Spirituality.

The purpose of this clinic – Charlotte’s Living Harmony is, to help, support and educate people to change their lives - to create more harmony, peace and wellbeing for themselves and others.

Shiatsu Treatment: People ware lose cloths and lay on a futon, after doing a diagnosis on what meridians are out of balance, with acupressure you work over the whole body to rebalance the meridian system, which will help or eliminate a lot of ailments in the body. Also give the client nutritional advice and maybe some exercises if appropriate. 

Kinesiology Consultation: Kinesiology uses muscle tests to identify, release and correct, stress and imbalances within the body. Kinesiology helps to relieve mental, emotional, physical stress and pain, detects and deals with allergies and nutritional deficiencies, alleviates learning problems, fears, changes negative habits, destructive behaviours and limiting beliefs.

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