Barbara Richardson

Zen Shiatsu

Barbara Richardson offers Zen Shiatsu at Conscious Life

Barbara Richardson offers Zen Shiatsu at Conscious Life

Barbara Richardson (Dip. Zen Shiatsu Therapy; Senior First Aid; MA Hons.) 

Hello & welcome to Zen Shiatsu at Conscious Life. My name is Barbara and I am a Shiatsu specialist providing one on one touch therapy.

Discover how to enjoy improving your life as I help you recover from pain & trauma, manage chronic issues, build resistance to illness, stress & fatigue, cope with the strains of pregnancy or simply feel so much more at ease and energised in your body, mind and spirit.

Zen Shiatsu is holistic, hands on bodywork. It involves the application of gentle but firm pressure and stretching along the meridian lines of the body resulting in renewed balance and flow to the energetic and circulatory systems. Tension, fatigue and stiffness are relieved while your immune system is strengthened and self-healing is triggered. In this way, relief is brought to specific problem areas while the entire body/mind/spirit is renewed.

My individualised treatments are thorough, therapeutic and a pleasure to receive because they are deeply relaxing and nurturing – more of a treat than a treatment. Follow up is provided in the form of personalised suggestions for diet and exercise to support the effects of the treatment and to enhance your uptake of energy from the world at large.

As a specialist, with over 10 years experience in Shiatsu, associated bodywork and food as medicine, I am fully accredited (STAA #901386), insured and recognised by major health funds. I have practised privately and in an integrated clinic environment and taught Zen Shiatsu at leading Sydney massage colleges.
My yoga practice stretches back 25 years and includes both Hatha and Ki yoga. 
In my past life in the world of dance and theatre, I worked extensively with creative visualisation as well as Feldenkreis based techniques for body release and awareness both of which I incorporate into my Shiatsu practice.

It is my core belief that Shiatsu therapy is a wonderful gift which brings depth and stability to your health and personal tranquillity. Regular Shiatsu treatment encourages heightened awareness of your own body/mind condition. My aim is to empower my clients to take charge of their own well-being so that they may enjoy greater health and vitality.

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